Welcome to Irisone Photography, my portfolio website. I'm a landscape photographer living near Edinburgh.  I was born in Yorkshire but I've lived more years in Scotland than anywhere. I've been taking photographs for pleasure since I was young but it's the variety of the Scottish landscape and weather that provides endless photographic opportunities and keeps me occupied.  
I started in the 80s, printing black & white photos but now use a digital workflow which gives many more ways for developing an image although it does absorb an enormous amount of time. 
I am mindful of the carbon footprint associated with my photography which can rack up some mileage. So I work hard to make best use of photo outings by staying as long as I can in one area and use my photo bicycle to get about where possible. 
Please have a browse through my images and get in touch if you have any questions or suggestions. I have a small selection of images for sale as gift cards and prints through my online store.
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